ART Update W15 (Final ) – Jan Van Hassel

Final Post !

Updated a couple of animations / textures.

Made a Splashscreen and used that to update our DVD cover.

Had an amazing time working on this project and a great team. Learned alot.


splashscreen    DVD_Cover

Art Update w15 (Final) – Bernd Decuyper

+ Made trailer

+ Dvd box image

+ Finishing up small things left and right


Dev Update W15 (Final) – Baeke Jorian

+ Tutorial Level

+ New UI

– Lots of bugs (some really annoying ones)

+ applied animations for enemies & hero

+ Finishing Touches

2015-06-08 10_05_20

Dev update W15 (final) – Hoet Guntran

+New main menu

+Player progression

+Music manager (9 brand new and epic soundtracks)
(music by:

+Light bakes

+Performance improvements

*Tweaked enemies

-Old menu removed

-Lots of bugs removed

W15_ (3)

ART Update W11-W12-W13-W14 – Jan Van Hassel


been busy trying to get my head around how to make quick/simple animations that give plenty of visual feedback to the player.  It honestly took me alot longer than I expacted at first. but I got the job done.

Continued texturing my Ogre and his big club.

Created Icons for our game and HUD elements.

So the last couple of weeks were quit bussy, but had alot of fun working on our assignment. !

Today is the last day we can work on it. put the last bits and pieces together and make our final build 😀

Stay tuned !


Dev Update w14 – Jorian Baeke

Like Guntran mentioned, most programming is done.

+ Some bugfixes

+ Charmed enemies now follow you around & other enemies lose aggro against them when they regain their senses.

+ Updated tech doc

2015-05-31 17_59_42

Dev update 14 – Hoet Guntran

Nearly all programming work is done. Now it’s just bug fixing, tweaking the difficulty and implementing the art.

+ Added Free cam mode

* Altered the web page


Dev Update w13 – Jorian Baeke

This week I did some small stuff like fixing some minor things that went wrong & applying art, also made the quick select look a bit better (icons from Jan). Made enemies able to be charmed and attack other enemies with the 4th spell (4th spell by Guntran).

2015-05-25 12_12_10

Dev update 13 – Guntran Hoet

+ Added some smaller and more defining decoration for a more story-telling environment

+ Added Charm spell to temporarily turn enemies against each other

+ Added enemy portals which warp enemies to the battlefield, they can pop-up anywhere. They are mostly used for the endgame of each level as a wave defense

* Shield construction is now a spell

* Made the player aiming line prettier

– Removed double walls

– Removed blink spell

Screenshot 2015-05-25 11.40.02

Dev update w12 – Guntran Hoet

This week I personally did not alter much to the game. But Jorian and I discussed some important stuff about the endgame. The barrel on the back was getting a bit of a nuisance. It was not always easy to protect or would just slow down the game.

So we decided to ditch the barrel and make the player explore the dungeon to get to the treasure room. Classic setup, but it works 😉

The player’s death is important now. When your HP reaches 0, you are dead. But you get a shield on your back to turtle against ranged enemies. This adds some tactical element to the game. The player also gets a aura-shield / energy-shield. This (in contrast to the HP) does regenerate over time. So the player can take some beating without too much drama. But when the player keeps getting hit, the shield’s power will drain out and the player will be vulnerable.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 11.57.17